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Hundreds of Baby Sea Turtles Rescued From Frigid North Carolina Coast

11 Jan 2016, 3:49 pm

sea turtle
The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center wrote on their Facebook page: ” Population explosion at the sea turtle hospital. Major cold stunning along the North Carolina coast. Pictures of lots of little tanks and turtles later today. Keep these little ones in your thoughts and send them positive energy. Many didn’t make it but most are fighting to live. We are so grateful to all of our friends, supporters and visitors! Without you we wouldn’t have this great facility that can handle lots of turtles to give them another chance at life.”

944021_1004719879594010_2697542681309043810_nIn a later post they went on to say: “This is our one small cold stunned loggerhead we admitted today along with all of the green turtles. Although we love all species of sea turtles the loggerhead is special to North Carolina. It is the species which lays most of the turtle nests on our beaches and the one you see most frequently in local art and advertising. This one has on a blue towel coat to keep the carapace (top shell) moist. We could not leave this turtle in deep water overnight when we couldn’t check up frequently. The debilitating effects of cold stunning are still very much present. We have given this one a special name…Cecil, in honor of Cecil the lion who was hunted down and killed so tragically. Grow strong sweet turtle. Recover from the challenges of cold stunning and make a full recovery to carry the name of Cecil back to your ocean home. We do not know if you are male or female but whichever it might be we wish you full recovery and a long and happy life with plentiful healthy and nourishing food. We want you to stay away from all of the human made perils in our oceans. And yes we want you to produce more little loggerhead turtles like you so that all who come after us, our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren, might look at your offspring and marvel at the beauty of a loggerhead!”

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