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Hunting Forecast

24 Oct 2009, 4:08 pm

‘Tis the season for hunting.  Outdoorsmen and women across the country are gearing up and heading out to fields or forests or mountains to hunt down the game of their choice.  Weather plays an important role in how easy or difficult it will be to find your animal.  For example, during years with less rain or snow the ground is crunchy and dry so the noise of the hunters footsteps make it more difficult to stalk various animals.  For pheasant hunting, the snow helps hunters identify the tracks of the pheasants in the fields.  Tomorrow will be the 2009 opener for big game rifle season in Montana.   The weather will continue to be wet with scattered showers in the lower elevations and snow in the higher elevations.  Even though the wetter conditions are considered by some to be more benificial for hunting, park officals are predicting a slow start to the season.  It is critically important for these hunters to be dressed appropriately when spending long periods of time in cold and wet weather.  Pheasant hunting started last weekend in South Dakota.  Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota isn’t only a major recreational sport for the state, it brings a substational amount of money to the private sector and to the government.  Each year money spent by hunters adds about $100 million into the economy.  In fact, this weekend my husband and the men in his family are contributing to that fund as they hunt for pheasant near Aberdeen.  Due to the large amount of rain this year, the fields are muddier and wetter, and unlike large game hunting, these conditions for pheasant hunter are less desirable.  Areas of scattered showers will continue throughout the rest of the weekend across the Dakotas.

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