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Hurricane Harvey Forecast Update – When Will the Rain End?

28 Aug 2017, 10:13 am

Life threatening flooding continues with Hurricane Harvey as bands of showers and thunderstorms circulate and develop around the tropical cyclone. Some areas are approaching nearly 3 feet of rain from the system so far. Disaster declarations have been put in place over much of East Texas. Water rescues continue, mainly in the Houston metro area.

The center of Harvey is near or just off the Texas coast south of Matagorda. The system currently has only disorganized storms near the center, with more organized, deeper rain bands well to the east of the center.  Only slight strengthening is anticipated as Harvey moves back into the Gulf of Mexico. A punch of dry slot over the southern part of the storm’s circulation will help to keep strengthening modest. Harvey is expected to linger along the Texas Coast through Wednesday before moving toward Louisiana Thursday.

Even with the poorly organized storm structure, very heavy rain and catastrophic, life-threatening flash flooding will continue over southeastern Texas. Additional rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches may occur over the next several days. Totals could reach 50 inches in some locations, which would be historic for the area. As the storm moves eastward, the rain will diminish over Texas. Rainfall will continue to increase to the east, pushing the flooding threat into Louisiana. Additional rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches are expected in southwestern Louisiana, with rainfall amounts of 5 to 15 inches expected in south-central Louisiana and 5 to 10 inches in southeastern Louisiana.

Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings have been extended eastward to the coast of Louisiana, as the wind will climb above 40 mph at times. The impacts of wind and storm surge at this time are expected to be secondary compared to that of the excessive rainfall.

More than 125 Tornado Warnings have been issued in Hurricane Harvey so far. Although brief tornadoes are likely into this afternoon, touchdowns are expected to be isolated.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Mace Michaels

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