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Hurricane Matthew Continues to Ravage East Coast

Hurricane Matthew Now Downgraded to Category 2

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Matthew has yet to make landfall in the U.S. but its eye remains under a hundred miles of the Florida coast. The lastest update reveals that Matthew is still a Cat. 2 Hurricane with sustained winds of 110 mph. Hurricane strength winds extend 60 miles from the eye to Cape Canaveral, FL where a wind gust of up to 107 mph this morning reported. Nearly 1 million people are without power in Florida. In northeast Florida the conditions will continue to worsen. Spin up tornadoes are possible.

Overnight, Matthew is expected to move near or over northeast Florida and Georgia tonight and then on to South Carolina Saturday. These areas are already being impacted by feeder rainbands and increasing winds as the storms continues on its trek around 12 mph.


Lenny Curry the Mayor of Jacksonville, FL noted that in the city any storm surge above 3 feet can be deadly. Jacksonville is expected to experience storm surge of 7 – 11 ft.

Life threatening storm surge is possible for all 3 state’s along coastal areas: Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. Matthew is expected to dump up to 15 inches of rain along these areas that will lead to even worse flood concerns. Rivers, creeks and streams will be inundated with water moving inland from the storm surge, leaving rainwater nowhere to exit. Hurricane warnings currently extend up to North Carolina. Matthew is expected to remain a hurricane until it shifts east out into the Atlantic where it will weaken.

Governors of all three severely affected states are asking residents to heed the warnings and evacuate is asked to do so. If you become stranded, help and Emergency response teams may not be able to get to you until 3+ days after Matthew has passed.

President Obama has asked these communities to pay attention to the warnings and local officials.

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