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Hurricane Newton and the Impacts for the U.S.

Hurricane Newton has formed in the Eastern Pacific and has plans to move across the Baja Peninsula  into Sonora Mexico  and across the U.S. Southern border.  Newton’s initial landfall should bring it near Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula on Tuesday morning. Then we expect it to move over portions of the southern Baja California peninsula late Tuesday, and move into northwestern Mexico early on Wednesday.

Newton 1

By late Wednesday into early Thursday look for the weakened center of circulation from Newton to move into southern Arizona bringing possible heavy rain and stormy conditions to the U.S. Desert Southwest.

Newton 2

Portions of southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico could see rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches with up to 3 inches possible late Wednesday into Thursday, These rains could result in dangerous flash flooding.

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