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Hurricane Season Is Not Quite Over

6 Nov 2016, 12:06 am

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June through the end of November each year with an average peak around September 10th.  


Most seasons we see a fairly busy start to October with the number of storms dropping off dramatically after October 15th.  With just under a month left in hurricane season many may wonder if we’ll see another named storm.  The fact is that we may not be done with naming storms in 2016 with the next name up of the list, Otto.


There are a few things to consider as we move through the next week or so that may provide for some development in the tropics.  October storms generally will generally initiate in the Caribbean and western Atlantic.  November we see storms get their start in similar areas but much less frequent.  We haven’t seen a major cold air mass moving into the Gulf of Mexico so most of that area is still in play for development. High pressure across the east and southeast U.S. is keeping the easterlies intact and allowing possible development in the Atlantic.  

With less than a month left in the 2016 season we must remember not to let our guard down because even late season storms can still pack a punch

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