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Hurricanes Drum Up Some Serious Shellfish

19 Oct 2016, 7:03 am

14lb Spiny Lobster catch and release!

GoPro Head-cam footage of the Giant Spiny Lobster catch and release!

Posted by Sanctuary Marine Bermuda on Monday, October 17, 2016

Monsters from the deep! A Sanctuary Marine Bermuda charter boat was out fishing for snapper after Hurricane Nicole, when the ordinary trip turned extraordinary. Their line accidentally hooked on to a fourteen pound Spiny Lobster! Nicole’s winds and waves churned the waters around the islands, rustling the sea life nearby. The mammoth creature was caught and released back into the ocean.

According to Brodie Hart of WCIV/ABC News 4 in Charleston,  the shrimping industry is booming for some after Hurricane Matthew brushed the coast. After shrimp hatch, they spend their time growing in estuaries. Matthew came through and flushed them out. The bump in product will be dwindling now as it only takes about two weeks for things to settle after a big storm.

Shrimp 2


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