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Hurricanes and the Tornadoes They Produce

8 May 2017, 5:15 pm

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week which means it’s time to plan ahead for possible hurricanes the impacts they bring.  Land-falling hurricanes will often produce tornadoes, which is a threat that should not be overlooked.

Tornadoes are generally thought of as a phenomena relegated to super-cell thunderstorms on the plains of the U.S. but hurricanes bring their own super-cell thunderstorms and the risk for tornadoes. Tornadoes in hurricanes tend to be less powerful, than those across the plains, usually not exceeding a rating of EF2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

While tornadoes on the plains generally rely on warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico while land falling hurricanes bring all the ingredients for tornadoes with them.  In hurricanes, tornadoes normally form in the swirling bands of rain outside the cyclone, typically in the “front-right quadrant” of the storm.

Tornadoes spawned by hurricanes are generally shallow based and often are difficult to see on radar. While making your preparations for the upcoming hurricane season remember that tornadoes are common in land falling hurricanes.
For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Mike Morrison

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