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HW3Rivers 1.1 Plugin Updated

3 Nov 2008, 10:34 pm

We have released HW3Rivers 1.1 for HW3php.

This updates corrects several issues with the importing of the observations and a few other items, including:

  • Fixed issue in the HWFetchRivers.php that was decrementing the forecast year on a month roll over.
  • Added optional_integration for users who want to add a rivers tab to locations who have rivers data with in X miles of the location the forecast is for. You can also follow the documentation to add the closest river data to the almanac area (similar to the tides plugin)
  • Corrected the HWFetchRivers.php to allow setting “maxdistance=20” in the “[RIVERS]” section of config. This allows you to control the mix distance to look for rivers when calling the plugin with out a river gauge or when calling to get the near by rivers
  • corrected some style issues in the templates/riversnearby.html and templates/include/rivers_nearby.html templates
  • corrected paths in the riversmap.html template that was incorrectly referring to a buoys directory for the zoom in/out icons
  • Corrected path issue in the riversimportobs.php
  • Added support for following redirection in riversimportobs.php
  • Made adjustments to riversimportobs.php to correct issues with some servers not working properly on the first call
  • Made adjustments to riversimportobs.php to correct issues with some servers giving warnings for some curl items and functionality in safe mode.

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