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HWphp 3.99 Released

24 Aug 2008, 12:43 am

We have released HWphp 3.99. This release adds some new features and many bug fixes to HW3php.

A few of the new features include (See the complete change list for the full listing):

  • New “Sounds Like” search capability when using Mysql 4.1 or newer. This new feature allows HW3 to display a list of potential cities when a user misspells a city name (something I do often!).
    Note: This feature is off by default for backward capability. Turn on by adding “max_search_type=3” in the [Database Access] section of the configs/hw3.ini.php
  • Support for loading custom configs based on the domain being accessed. This is a great feature if you have multiple domains parked on a single HW3 installation and need to display a custom template set and/or default locations for each domain.
    Note: HW3 licensing is per domain the output is used on. When using this feature ensure that you have proper licensing for each domain that is being used.
  • Improved how HW3php handles apostrophes in location names which should correct template errors that occassionally occurred for some users.
  • Added some items for security such as the default “.htaccess” file which will block many of the bots that may attempt to hit the HW3php install looking for users with versions prior to HWphp 3.986.
  • Improved integration for HWdata subscribers with international subscriptions. Now supports, snow fall, thunderstorms, POP  and Canadian postal code searches.
  • Many other Bug fixes and improvements.

This should be the last major release of HW3php as HW4 is right around the corner. We are planning to launch our new website and a HW4 public downloadable beta in mid October.  We will be posting more information on HW4 in the next few days.

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