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HWphp 3.991 Released

2 Oct 2008, 1:49 am

We have released HWphp 3.991. This release provides a few bug fixes.

A few of the changes include (See the complete change list for the full listing):

  • Fixed bug in Template.php that was causing url_pands to do a double urlencode
  • Fixed a type that prevented “template_html_encode=#” from setting the global encode option.
  • Implemented fix when using html encoding with a formatting command
  • Change in the hw3.php to fix issue with some users of the use_sites functionality having issues.

If upgrading from a previous version of HW3php you only need to download the appropriate upgrade file listed under “upgrade distributions”. To determine the version of your current HW3 installation,  you can normally query your HW3 installation by appending “?version=1” to your HW3 URL. I.E.  hw3.php?version=1

NOTE: If you are using HW3 with a debug mode password required then the above URL may not display the HW3version information. In such cases you may need to query your HW3 installation requesting debug output with your debug password. I.E. hw3.php?debug=1&debugpw=XXXXX (where XXXXX is your debug password)

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