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Ice Begone, Ice Be Back, Snow Is Also On the Track!

16 Dec 2008, 8:18 am
HAMweather Advisory Center
HAMweather Advisory Center
HAMweather Radar Center
HAMweather Radar Center

Schools are closed in Arkansas and Tennessee this morning as the system we discussed yesterday shuffled through during the overnight hours. Glancing at the KATV (Little Rock) and WREG (Memphis) TV sites this morning shows a surprisingly large listing for this early in the morning.

The southwestern United States will see some respectable snow over the next few days as an upper level trough holds strong allowing a jet max to transition along the southern Rockies. A line from Northwestern Arizona northeasterly into Colorado will see some respectable accumulations as Pacific Moisture streams into the region. Accumulations of greater than one foot of snow is quite possible.

Lighter snows are possible in the Midwest today on a line from northern Missouri to central New York State, with the possibility of sleet and freezing rain on a line just south and east running from western Kentucky northeast to New Jersey. Snow accumulations will be up to around four inches, with ice buildup in the neighborhood of a quarter inch or so in some places if temperatures present themselves.

The Pacific Coast is about to get slammed again as more arctic air blows the bugle and charges into the region. Wednesday snow will begin to fall in Oregon and Washington State adding another foot and quite possibly two feet of snow into the Cascades, eventually trucking into the Rockies by Thursday. With the breadth of the arctic air, snow in lower elevations is likely.

Current Wind Chills with Frontal Overlay
Current Wind Chills with Frontal Overlay

Arctic temperatures continue to plague the Northern Plains. As is shown above, this morning wind chill temperatures well into the -30s °F still strangled the beleaguered states. The only good news on the horizon for places like Fargo, North Dakota, is that by Thursday or Friday the low temperatures will maybe have a chance to be above ZERO (0), and the highs Thursday and Friday can reach a balmy ten degrees!

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