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Icy Roads & Travel Headaches for Connecticut, Massachusetts

1 Dec 2013, 12:02 pm

Sunday morning travel ground to a halt after a freezing rain event in New England. Numerous accidents were reported and some roads were even closed down due to the severity of the icing. Check out some of these photos courtesy of @MassStatePolice:


So how did these roads get so slick? Well, morning low temps were below freezing in Worcester and Hartford (two of the worst-hit locations) and remained below freezing as precipitation began to fall.

We could even see the ice on the radar this morning — it shows up as bright pink. I’ve added a line marking 32°F to help you see where rain changes to wintry mix & snow.

Much of the ice fell on grassy surfaces that were still warmer, so it probably didn’t accumulate on any branches, but many crashes happened on bridges and elevated roadways which tend to ice up quickly.

What makes bridges so icy? Read more from HowStuffWorks here:

Thanks for stopping by! And safe travels home after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers

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