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Ida Slips into the Western Caribbean

6 Nov 2009, 10:56 am

After spending most of the night over the Nicaragua and Honduras landscape, Tropical Depression Ida emerges into the western Caribbean today.


With less than a month to go in the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Ida, strengthened to a category 1 hurricane just before making landfall on the central coast of Nicaragua yesterday evening.  Winds topped 75 mph and heavy rain fell over the central Nicaraguan coast.  This morning, the weakened storm progressed over eastern Honduras.  Ida is more likely to redevelop into a tropical storm if she can retain enough strength upon entering the western Caribbean.

forecast track

Initially, Ida will enter into warmer ocean waters and weak winds aloft likely strengthening her to tropical storm status.  However by Monday morning, the storm will enter the cooler waters of the Gulf of Mexico and begin to weaken.


Ida will also encounter stronger winds aloft and possibly get absorbed by an approaching upper level low from Mexico.  Therefore, Ida will probably weaken as she takes aim on the eastern Gulf Coast.  Heavy rain, though, could fall somewhere in the southeast by next week.  Ida, by the way, is the 9th tropical storm of the season.

The white circle encompasses the area of higher shear.

Kristin Clark

WeathernNation Meteorologist

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