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Illinois Tornado, Severe Threat Today and Heavy Rain Potential

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Strong to severe storms popped up across the central part of the country yesterday. Some of the storms produced hail and high winds, but this particular storm near Okawville, IL produced a nice looking tornado!

Watch the video here

On The Ground!

Imagine a bank of trees in the foreground… If you couldn’t see the ground and debris being kicked up, you would most likely think that the image below was just a funnel cloud since the condensation funnel is only seen in the blue outlined area. We can tell that this is a true tornado because circulation is seen on the ground as dirt and dust debris(outlined in yellow) is being kicked up! There are also larger chunks of structural debris (outlined in red) floating around the tornado, likely from some outbuilding either sheet metal or lumber… it could even be trees!

Original Picture

Weird Clouds From Tuesday

Thanks Davy Taylor for the picture below out of Corbin, KY. These interesting looking clouds are called Altocumulus Undulatus Asperatus

Here’s Another One

Thanks to Brittany Wilson for this picture out of Corbin, KY

Storm Reports From Tuesday

There were 7 official tornado reports, those are likely multiple reports from either one, possibly two tornadoes from Tuesday. Unfortunately, there was a minor injury reported 1 mile North of Okawville, IL as a semi was blown over on I64.

Severe Threat Today

The severe weather threat today is in nearly some of the same areas as the slow moving/stalled frontal boundary through the central part of the country. Hail and high winds will be the primary threat along with the heavy rain, but an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out!

Heavy Rain Potential

There have been several heavy rainfall reports already along with some of the strong to severe thunderstorms, but more heavy rain is possible over the coming days. NOAA’s HPC 3 day rainfall suggests an additional 1″ to 3″ + possible across parts of the Ohio Valley and the Central/Southern Plains. Minor flooding is possible in areas that experience heavy downpours in a short amount of time.

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