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“I’m Finally a Weather Girl” – Woman With Down Syndrome Achieves Lifelong Dream

16 Mar 2017, 9:28 pm

“Mélanie can do it”

A young woman with down’s syndrome achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a weather presenter in France after receiving over 100,000 likes on her Facebook page. France 2 heard of the story and gave her a chance.

Mélanie peut le faire – 100 000 Likes pour présenter la Météo

Salut à tous, moi c'est Mélanie et mon rêve c'est de présenter la météo. Likez ma page, j'ai besoin de 100 000 likes Mélanie peut le faire #melaniepeutlefaire

Posted by Mélanie peut le faire on Monday, February 27, 2017

“I’m different, but I want to show everyone that I can do a lot of things . . . I want to prove it by presenting on TV,” Mélanie wrote on her page.

Take a look at her forecast

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