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Improving Weather Conditions for California This Week

16 Oct 2017, 8:27 am

Wildfires continue to impact a large portion of California and it looks like for the start of the week weather conditions will not be changing.  By the end of the week it will be a different weather story.  A cold front arriving out of the west will have some moisture associated with it and should help bring some rain to the area.  Even if it doesn’t bring a large amount of rain, it should at least bring some moisture to the area.  Here is a look at the very latest.

The latest timing for the changes will be later in the week around Thursday and Friday.  This forecast is looking much better than how it has been over the past several weeks.  Hopefully this change in the forecast will help out with the containment of these dangerous wildfires.  The biggest change will be the moisture increase.  When the air is more humid, it’s harder for fires to spread or intensify.

Here are some tips for wildfire prevention.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

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