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Increasing Snow Chances for…West Texas?

5 Dec 2017, 9:49 am

When we are talking about high snow chances for December, you might think we are talking about  Minnesota or Montana…not West Texas.  Parts of Western Texas, including Fort Stockton, have the chance for snowfall and even some ice accumulation Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon.

Winter Weather Alerts

Winter storm watches and winter weather advisories are in effect for most of west Texas (not including El Paso) until Wednesday night, but those will likely have to be extended to early Thursday morning based on the latest winter weather forecast.

Winter Weather Forecast

Here is the latest timing of the winter weather that will likely start out as rain before it changes over to freezing rain and snow.  Our forecast model here at WeatherNation is showing the timing more for Thursday morning than for Wednesday night, but we should start to at least see some winter weather Wednesday evening.

The big factor for accumulation will be the temperature forecast at the surface.  Here is the temperature forecast for Wednesday and Thursday morning.  You can see that temperatures will be at or below freezing in the Texas Panhandle and into the western part of the state.

Snowfall Accumulation

There is a large amount of unpredictability for this snowfall forecast due to the warm ground temperatures that are already in place…this will lead to melting snow.


Roads will likely become slick and dangerous for those traveling Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Bridges and overpasses will have the highest chance for any ice accumulation and will need to be traveled very carefully.

There will be low visibility with the heavier snow bands, leading to more hazardous road conditions as well.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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