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Iowa Flooding Continues

25 Sep 2016, 7:49 pm

Water levels Sunday evening continue to rise across northeast Iowa, causing people to evacuate to higher ground. Flooding began on Wednesday evening, near the town of Greene, Iowa. That is where nearly a foot of rain fell in about six hours. The flooding continued downstream Thursday and Friday, creating issues for cities that near the Cedar River.

WeatherNation has had field teams on the ground since the flooding first began. Our field correspondents have not only noticed the flood of water, but the flood of volunteers that has shown up to help sandbag, and evacuate residents from their homes.


On Thursday, Joyce Pierson of Shell Rock, Iowa said that she did not know three-fourths of the people that were at her home, helping sandbag. Pierson said, “I’m so amazed, I’m so thrilled they are here.”

This has been a common theme the past few days. On Sunday, an Iowa grocery store was trucking semi-truck loads of water into areas that were impacted the greatest. As of 2pm Sunday, they had already sent out their sixth truck, and were planning on sending more out.

WeatherNation will continue to have live reports from northeast Iowa throughout the rest of the week, so continue to watch WeatherNationTV for the latest.


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