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Iowa Man Helps Save Dog from Icy River

6 Jan 2017, 1:39 pm

On Monday morning, Jerry Romine was driving with his dog to rural Madison County, Iowa. He has just let his dog Lucy out on a leash when he heard a dog barking from beneath a bridge nearby. He placed Lucy back into his truck, and investigated beneath the bridge to see a black dog, struggling to keep its head above water.

The banks on both side were very steep, and open water immediately along the shore.  Romine drove to a house about a mile away, but a man there didn’t know the dog, nor did he have rope. Romine drove back to the bridge calling 911 on the way. He got back to the bridge and pulled out his 50 foot tow rope.  After several failed attempts, he just could not get close enough to snag the dog.

Finally another truck with four men stopped to help.  One of the men drove to a local farm and got a better rope. Romine said, “I was finally able to get out to the middle under the bridge, but could still not get within 10 yards or so, and did not have very good footing.”

The four men above the bridge were trying to drop a rope down to lasso the dog, although they were close, this just didn’t work. Within 15 minutes after calling 911, fireman arrived with water rescue gear. The fire department quickly got the boat into the water and had life jackets for all.

After rescuing the dog, Winterset fire department wrapped the dog in a blanket and took him to the Winterset vet clinic. The vet clinic said they were able to track the Labradoodle named sam back to its owner, and that he was doing well and should recover fine.


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