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Is Tallahassee headed towards its rainiest spring of all-time?

21 Apr 2014, 4:44 pm

If you know anyone at Florida State University or in Florida’s capital in general, they’ve probably been complaining about the rain recently.

That’s because it’s rained at truly historic levels in Tallahassee since March 1st. After a rainstorm late last week dumped another few inches along much of Florida’s rain-soaked panhandle, Tallahassee has now picked up 8.42” of rain in April alone. To put that into perspective, the city only receives an average of 3.06” of rain on average in April. That’s almost triple the typical April – and there are still 10 days left in the month!

But wait, there’s more. Last month, Tallahassee recorded 10.23” of rain, almost six inches more than they get on average. Since March 1st, Tallahassee’s 18.65” of rain is the fourth-highest March-April to date of all-time, according to the National Weather Service in Tallahassee – and the wettest since 1983!


Leon County – the county Tallahassee lies in – was under a flood warning for a couple of days last week, first after last Monday’s rain storm brought nearly four inches of rain in the span of about 12 hours, and again last Friday when an upper-level low drew in about two-and-a-half inches of rain in less than 12 hours. No serious flooding was reported, but another big burst of rain could bring flooding to the area.


Fortunately, though, the forecast looks a lot calmer (finally!) here in Tallahassee. There’s a slight chance of a storm tomorrow (looks like the bulk of the action should stay north of you) and slight chances on both Thursday and Saturday, but there’s no soaking rainfall on the horizon right now, giving north Florida a much-deserved respite from the rainy weather so far this spring.

Stay tuned to WeatherNation for more on Tallahassee and the Florida panhandle’s forecast in the coming days.

WeatherNation TV Meteorologist Chris Bianchi.

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