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Isaac Remnants Continue, Fall-like Cold Front Approaches as School Starts for many.

4 Sep 2012, 12:46 pm

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Labor Day Weekend (the unofficial end of Summer) has passed and school started. Most kids are back to school now. Don’t forget about the little ones as you’re driving around town! The sun angle is getting lower now, so that sun glare may make it tough to see kids crossing the street. This is also important for kids, don’t assume that cars can see you! Have a great 2012-13 school year!

Autumnal Equinox Nears

At 10:49am EDT on September 22nd, the sun’s most direct rays will pass directly over the Equator, which marks the Autumnal Equinox. This is around the time when we have equal days and equal nights across the globe.

See your sunrise/sunset times HERE:

Excessive Heat

The National Weather Service has issued EXCESSIVE HEAT headlines for folks in orange and pink below for dangerous heat that may linger through Wednesday.

High Temps Today

Several spots in the Central and Southern Plains will top out in the 90s and 100s again today.

Fall-Like Cold Front Approaches

After a sticky start to the work/school week. Some of us will get relief as a southbound Canadian cold fronts blows through the eastern half of the country through the end of the week. Here are the high temperatures expected on Saturday!

Front Sparks Severe Threat

The Canadian cool front will also help to touch off strong to severe storm chances across the central part of the country today and tomorrow. See more on the severe chances below.

Severe Weather Threat Today

The SPC has issued a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather for today for areas shaded in yellow below. Hail and high winds will be the primary threat along with heavy rainfall.

Severe Weather Threat Wednesday

The cold front will also bring a severe weather threat to areas shaded in yellow below on Wednesday.

Flooding in Alabama

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms have been pushing through parts of Alabama since Monday. There have been reports of water 3ft. high over roadways near Selma, AL with radar estimates of rain coming in close to 10″ or more! Thanks to @A_S_Williamson for the picture below out of Selma, AL

Radar Estimates of Rainfall

Radar estimates of rainfall across parts of AL show nearly 10″ or more of rain just west of Montgomery, AL!

More Heavy Rainfall Potential

NOAA’s HPC 5 day precipitation forecast suggests a soggy scenario for the eastern half of the country. Isaac remnants and the Canadian cold front could bring up to 2″ to 4″ from the Ohio Valley into the Northeast, while folks along the Gulf Coast near the Florida Panhandle could get up to 6″!

Isaac Remnants Continue

Thanks to Mike Hall for the picture below from Daviess County, KY. Thanks to the remnants of Isaac, lingering clouds and showers still persist across parts of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys today. Mike snapped this picture from Monday evening.

See more HERE:

Isaac’s Heavy Rain

Isaac was our first U.S. land falling hurricane since Irene in 2011 along the East Coast. Isaac brought heavy rainfall to the central part of the country, which helped to dent some of the drought stricken areas. Radar estimates of rainfall near New Orleans show 15″ to 20″, which some folks in the central part of the country picked up nearly 5″ to 10″

Need More Rain!

The graphic below shows how much additional rain is needed to end the drought and unfortunately, some folks here need nearly 12″ to get back to normal! That would be equivalent to 1 or 2 more Isaacs!

Unfortunately, the substantial came too late for most farmers.

For most farmers, the rain came too late to make a difference in their year. Corn farmers have been harvesting for weeks, and soybeans are far enough along that the rain won’t significantly improve their quality or growth.”

Read more from HERE:

Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a great rest of your week!

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