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Isaac vs. The Harvest

2 Sep 2012, 1:01 pm


Isaac’s drought busting rainfall in the Corn Belt may actually make the situation even worse for farmers who are hoping for something out of this year’s crop. Yes, beneficial moisture has been coming down a little too hard. Solid, dry ground has allowed plenty of this liquid gold to run off into culverts, streams and rivers. Although great news for dangerously low aquifers and important waterways, it would be nice to replenish what our bone dry ground has lost over the past several months.

For farmers who have newly formed ponds on their property, muddy fields will make harvesting the remaining crop very difficult(Photo Courtesy: by .) In addition to intense rainfall, drought-stricken crops TRYING to stay alive are being hammered by strong gusts of wind in severe storms, and the occasional tornado. This was the case in central Illinois, southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas. The Storm Prediction Center tallied up 15 preliminary reports of tornadoes centered around these 3 states Saturday.


Speaking of the harvest, the National Weather Service in Des Moines, Iowa sent out an important reminder this season: Click here for more.

It’s also the time of year to be at a heightened state of alert for large farm machinery in rural areas and farming communities. Give them plenty of space, and be patient!


According to FEMA:

-More than 1350 FEMA staff are on the ground in Louisiana and Mississippi.

-More than 200 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services personnel were deployed to the Gulf region.

-More than 15,000 electricity workers from over 24 states are helping assess & restore power in LA & MS alone.

-FEMA sent more than 1.4 million liters of water, 1.3 million meals, and 28,000 tarps to the state of Louisiana.

-The National Guard put more than 5,700 Soldiers & Airmen in LA, MS, AL & FL on State Active Duty. An additional 33,600 Guardsmen are supporting relief operations.

So what about the rest of the tropics? I’ve deemed it the “Active Atlantic,” as the National Hurricane Center keeps an eye on several disturbances. Tropical Storm Kirk is quickly losing steam in the north Atlantic, while Leslie picks up the pace about 300 miles north of the Leeward Islands. At this time, Leslie may gain hurricane status by Thursday, eventually making a beeline toward Bermuda. Another wave in the central Atlantic is barely breathing, but the NHC gives it a 10% chance of gaining tropical characteristics. Another wave coming off the coast of Africa is in the infancy stage. We’ll see what happens!

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Have a safe Labor Day, & wonderful week- Meteorologist Bryan Karrick

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  1. I figured the only relief would come from a tropical storm and I am glad for that. However, it’s sad that it has come a little too late for some.

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