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It’s Cold as a… (insert humorous metaphor)!

14 Jan 2009, 8:33 pm

Sometimes when a forecast comes together as predicted it causes less than joyous emotions to unfold, and today is a fine example! The cold air we said would descend into the heartland at the beginning of the week, has done so with gusto as wind chill advisories have been issued as far south as Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

The cold has been so severe as to claim a death in Wisconsin, while International Falls, Minnesota had an astounding temperature of -40ºF yesterday, and will not see temperatures above zero until Saturday.

Our current temperature forecast animation shows the arctic air pummeling Chicago, Illinois through late Friday while the deepest push of cold air into the south will occur through Saturday morning.

The coldest days for cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi will experience the coldest temperatures on Thursday and Friday, with cool temperatures Saturday morning until the cold air propagates away from the south on Saturday afternoon.

The northeastern United States will have to suffer through Sunday, as our forecast temperature animation shows Northern New York, Main, New Hampshire, and Vermont under the gun through early Sunday Morning.

Wind Chill Advisories Bash Nation
Wind Chill Advisories Bash Nation
Forecast Temperature Animation
Forecast Temperature Animation
Precipitation Type Forecast Animation
Precipitation Type Forecast Animation

The wind chill temperatures we have been discussing all week will of course continue to be severe as the arctic cold digs in for the big chill. Our wind chill animation displays the breadth of severity coinciding with temperatures, with a few forays into the -30ºF (note red on animation) that is extremely dangerous.

Wind chill temperatures at the levels that will occur for the majority of the midwest and northeast can pose serious risk to personal health and safety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted a guide that can be very helpful in preparing yourself for these types of conditions. You may read it here.

What’s left of the clipper will shed snows across the mid-atlantic states through Friday, while the lake effect snows will continue with some nice accumulations for the Great Lakes over the next few days, which is kind of fun to watch on our Forecast Precipitation Type animation.

The next system to move through will enter the northern tier around North Dakota and Minnesota early Saturday morning as the massive high pressure system slowly exits the states. Our animation above shows the system swinging south and then east to impact Chicago on Saturday and Sunday moving swiftly across the Great Lakes state before our animation ends on Sunday Morning.

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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