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Japan: Images of the Aftermath

12 Mar 2011, 10:28 am

Here are some of the twitter images that I have come across from the aftermath of the horrific natural disaster that is still unfolding in Japan:

The caption here reads, “Panda frightened by the Tsunami”


The caption in this picture says, “the road unzipped by earthquake.”

On the opposite side of the Pacific, the resulting Tsunami wasn’t nearly has strong as it could have been, but some fairly substantial wave heights have been reported from Alaska down through California:

Arena Cove, CA … 8.7 ft

Crescent City, CA … 8.2 ft

Port San Luis, CA … 8.6 ft

Image of the approaching tsunami in California:


Damage from Crescent City:


All tsunami warnings and advisories have now been allowed to expire for the west coast of California.

Quick reminder: Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow.  Spring ahead!  Set you clocks AHEAD one hour before heading to bed tonight. (Unless you live in Arizona, in which case you are not participating in DST)



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