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MUST WATCH: Josh Morgerman Rides Out Hurricane Maria

21 Sep 2017, 11:08 am

WeatherNation Field Correspondent Josh Morgerman, known to many on social media as iCyclone, has quite the story to tell after experiencing Hurricane Maria – One in which he says ranks in the top 5 storms he’s ever seen.

Communications and power were knocked out across the island of Puerto Rico as major Hurricane Maria made landfall on Wednesday. As soon as he was able, Morgerman reported back his experiences taking a direct hit in Humacao. Here is his story:

Several days before Hurricane Maria was forecasted to make landfall, Josh stationed himself  on the southeastern coastline of Puerto Rico.


He monitored the coastline as the winds and waves began picking up. Moving to the town of Humacao and setting up in a concrete hotel for safe shelter from the storm.


As the strongest winds of Hurricane Maria barreled down on Humacao, Josh captured the incredible power of the storm. Listen to the winds as they howl:


Ever wonder what if feels like to be in the path of a category 4 hurricane? Josh talks about where he was during landfall and why communications were knocked out.


A family across the hall turned to him for safety after the windows in their hotel room were knocked out by the powerful winds.

Of the dozens of cyclones Josh has covered, he says the winds with Maria rank very high on his list.


Once the storm passed, the destruction was incredible and widespread. Josh surveys the scene:

Humacao, PR Hurricane Maria Devastation

LOOK! Devastation left in the wake of Hurricane #Maria. iCyclone is on WeatherNation this AM reporting from ground zero in Puerto Rico.

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