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June 2015 Warmest on Record, Says NOAA

20 Jul 2015, 2:36 pm


The world’s warmest June on record comes at the end of the warmest first six months of a year ever recorded, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in its monthly climate report on Monday.

Worldwide land masses and oceans combined were a full 0.88 degrees Celsius – or 1.58° Fahrenheit – above the 135-year average, the highest anomaly ever recorded. Central Asia and the Pacific Northwest were the warmest spots, at least compared to typical June averages, with both locations up to five degrees Celsius above average. South America, southeast Asia, southern Europe and Australia were also considerably above average in June.

The toasty June culminates what NOAA says is the warmest opening six months of a year on record, with global temperatures straying by 0.85 degrees Celsius, or 1.53 Fahrenheit, between January and June, the warmest temperatures in 135 years of record-keeping.

Meanwhile across the United States, it was the second-warmest June on record, with Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah all individually recording their warmest Junes on record. Additionally, it was the ninth-wettest June on record, with Indiana, Ohio and Illinois individually seeing their wettest Junes on record.

July has been generally warm and wet across many of the same areas thanks to the same persistent pattern that ruled much of the country in June, featuring a strong area of high pressure across the Southeast, forcing Gulf of Mexico moisture to ride over it and inundate the Midwest and Ohio River Valley with heavy rainfall. A ridge of high pressure out West, specifically in the Northwest, has continued to keep temperatures there unusually warm.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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