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Kansas Wildfire – Largest in State’s History

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As of Friday morning, the Medicine Lodge fire in Kansas and Oklahoma was 15% contained, having burned near 400,000 acres since its start on Tuesday. For emergency officials, Friday is the true test to see if they can get the upper-hand.

“If we can hold these fire lines, we will be in much better shape. This weekend offers a few chances for moisture. We are hopeful Saturday night that we might get rain, even snow. But if we can’t get containment this weekend, its going to get warm and dry again next week and we could run into more issues.” Said Chip Redmond, Incident Meteorologist for the Kansas Forest Service.

There are a few reason this fire has been so tough for firefighter, one is the changing wind direction.

“We had a line of firefighters and fire trucks lined up. We were going to try and stop it, but we watched it go right over us.” Said Redmond.

Another reason is the dry brush acting as fuel to the fire.

“There is a lot of dirty burning. There is a lot of unburned material within the fire line, so there is a lot of smoke.” Said Incident Meteorologist, Chip Redmond.

There is a chance for rain in Oklahoma and Kansas early Saturday morning and then again late Saturday through Sunday morning.

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Wildfire Burns Nearly 620 Square Miles in Kansas & Oklahoma


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