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Killer Tornados & Winter Weather

18 Jan 2016, 2:23 pm

weekend wxThe most devastating weather of the weekend hit Florida. On Saturday, we saw relatively uncommon January tornadoes rip through parts of Florida. Of the four reported tornadoes, one turned deadly, killing a couple in Duette and injuring their son and four grandchildren.

A neighbor of that family said on Sunday morning, “Lives can’t be rebuilt, that home won’t be rebuilt, there’s nobody left to rebuild it.”

And as the storms tore through Sarasota, the damage was widespread. Downed trees took out power in the storm’s path and had repair crews working through the night.And widely scattered debris made traveling in the dark hazardous for drivers, too.

On Saturday, it was typical winter weather causing the problems, in Texas. Wichita Falls, was getting a good coating of snow, but early on, the roads were in pretty good shape.
Oklahoma had its share of big snow too and while the plow crews worked hard to keep the roads clear, one dad and daughter in Davis, took some playtime, to build a snowman.

By Sunday, it was the East Coast’s turn for some winter weather action. In Greensboro, North Carolina, they saw the first real accumulation of the year and while roads remained mostly clear, all other surfaces were covered with snow through the day.

All the way across the country, it was more winter weather causing problems in California. After dark in Truckee, the warning signs were up and drivers were putting on chains, so their travel could continue on the treacherously slick roads.

There’s still plenty of Winter left and as we also saw this weekend, dangerous severe thunderstorms can form in any month, too so wherever you are in the U.S. stay weather aware!

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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