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The King Tide Makes Its Royal Unwelcome Back To Our Beaches

The King Tide! Yeah!


Wait…what’s that? I’m glad you asked. The King Tide, as you would assume is just the king of all tides but what does that mean?

The @NWSMiami simplifies this process down for you. Essentially, our high and low tides come from the moon. Sometimes, based off of the path the moon takes around the Earth, the moon passes closer to the Earth at times. The opposite of this happens as well. Sometimes the path that the moon takes is further from the Earth. Does this make it the Queen Tide? TBD. What we do know is that the King Tide is here this week and it’s impacting South Florida.

During the Fall season is when the King tide usually impacts the Southeast coastline. So is South Florida the only place that’s being affected right now? No.

Areas of North Florida are also under coastal flood advisories. If you live in a coastal flood prone area, it’s best that you take the necessary precautions to protect your property.

Clearly Florida is under the gun here for seeing some coastal flooding. Anywhere else? As a matter of fact, yes.

Coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana are also bracing for higher than normal tides. This is due to the King Tide but also due to a very persistent and strong onshore flow. The winds across the Gulf Coast states and over the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico are seeing winds upwards of 15-30 mph!

This is just enhancing the effects of the King Tide along the coast. Make sure you do not drive through flooding roadways with your car. Salt water is extremely bad for you car. If you are forced to drive through flooded roads, try and get a car wash immediately to limit the damage done. Silver lining! This constant onshore flow is bringing in a lot of rain to these areas so Mother Nature herself may be helping you out with a natural carwash.

If you would like to know more about the King Tide and the impacts seen: Click Here 

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein


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