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Lack of Ice, Means More Lake Effect Snow

11 Jan 2016, 10:18 am

Lake Effect 9It’s the time of the year that the lake effect snow machine begins to slowly wind down. And it’s all due to ice forming on the Great Lakes. However, this year is a completely different story. With the warm weather that much of the Upper Midwest and Northeast have experienced, there is very little ice coverage. This time last year there was nearly 20 percent coverage. Compare that to 2014 at 42 percent. And now look at today’s ice coverage at only 1.7 percent.
Lake Effect 10

Lake Effect 11

Lake Effect 7

Lake Effect 8
So, due to the lack of ice, lake effect snow will be cranking up over the next few days as a couple of systems swing through. One to three feet of snow can be expected in the Lake Effect Warned area.

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