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Late-March Snow, Warming For Easter Weekend (At Least The Early Portion)

27 Mar 2013, 11:40 am

Let’s start out with the snow discussion… it’s amazing how snow impacts things this time of year.  Here are some snowfall totals that are more impressive out of eastern Kentucky, close to the Appalachians:

Snowfall Totals
Snowfall Totals


Now, in a kind of funny twist… Lexington, Kentucky – not on this list – saw a record amount of snowfall yesterday.  How much, you ask?

This much:


That is significant, because the last time they saw that much snow on March 26th was all the way back in 1971!  42 years ago!

Look at this:


Snow Coverage March 26th
Snow Coverage March 26th


Snow coverage from the 26th was at nearly 47% nationally, after the end of the weekend to the early week’s snowstorm.  Now things are melting… and fast!  Look at this one estimated from today, the 27th:


Snow Coverage March 27th
Snow Coverage March 27th


You can see a slightly noticeable difference – mainly toward the South.  It’s dropped off though, with 39% coverage of snowfall.  That’s an 8% decline in just one day!


Any Warmth On The Way?


A lot of folks are looking for warming – any warming – and we’re going to tell you about a little bit.  It couldn’t come at a better time, with Easter Sunday coming up.  Unfortunately another cold surge will start moving through the upper Midwest by Easter.

Here’s what we’re looking at:


Highs Saturday
Highs Saturday: Notice Miami still only at 79 degrees


Saturday looks to be the likely warmest day around the nation, with temperatures climbing close to where they “should be” this time of year.  I put that into quotes because spring generally consists of major ups and downs – the averages not really representative of “normal” temperatures.

Look at this, though, speaking of averages:


Highs Saturday Departure From Average
Highs Saturday Departure From Average


Averages never looked so good!  We’ll see how things pan out, but it’s certainly worth staying tuned to WeatherNation for over the next few days!


WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV


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