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Late October or Early September? Record Heat Continues

26 Oct 2016, 6:37 am

While some are turning on the heat in their homes, Mother Nature is keeping the heat on across much of the US. Temperatures have been as much as 10-20 degrees above average for this time of year. Some notable record highs from Tuesday:

  • Montgomery, AL  88°
  • Tuscaloosa, AL      86°
  • Anniston, AL         85°
  • Meridian, MS        87°

Ridging will continue in the west and central US for the next few days, allowing the heat to persist. Highs today will be in the 70s as far north as Montana. Billings could hit 71, a whole 15 degrees above their average high temperature.

NC Highs

Highs in the southeast will be 5-10 degrees above average. Birmingham normally sees highs in the mid 70s. Instead, they’ll hit the mid 80s.

S Highs

Despite cloud cover and rain, the western US will stay warm as well. Highs in Phoenix and Denver could set records on Thursday and Friday.

SW HighsHighs Tom RecordHighs FriRecords Fri


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