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The Latest: Tornado Outbreak in Illinois

23 Jun 2016, 2:00 pm


Late Wednesday, a line of severe storms rolled from Illinois through Virginia and North Carolina, leaving a path of wind damage nearly 800 miles in length.

As the storms began firing off across Northern Illinois, supercell thunderstorms spawned multiple tornadoes along the southern flank of the storm. Initial rotation of the storms was enhanced by the proximity to the surface low associated with the storms.

As the storms congealed into more of a line formation the threat shifted from tornadic storms into a straight-line wind event. More than one hundred wind reports were made on Wednesday, including downed trees and power lines, leaving thousand without power.

There were 19 official tornado reports associated with the storm. As of press time the National Weather Service confirmed 4 of the reports. Survey crews will continue to asses the widespread damage to determine the official cause in the days to come.

(Headline: Central Illinois Lutheran Disaster Response Team – LCMS)

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