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Launch Day! ULA Atlas V Rocket With Cygnus Spacecraft Watch Live

3 Dec 2015, 11:01 am


UPDATE: Second launch attempt scrubbed due to wind violations.

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, with a cargo spacecraft on top, is getting ready for takeoff. It stands at the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Second launch attempt of the resupply mission to the International Space Station is scheduled for 5:55 p.m. EST on December 4.


A launch today will result in Cygnus arriving at the space station on Sunday, Dec. 7. NASA crew members Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly will use the station’s Canadarm2 robotic arm to reach out and capture Cygnus.

Cygnus will deliver samples and equipment to the station for research investigations in the many science disciplines aboard the orbiting multi-disciplinary laboratory. Research equipment includes the Space Automated Bioproduct Lab (SABL), a single locker-sized facility that will enable a wide variety of fundamental, applied and commercial life sciences research, as well as K-16 education-based investigations. CRS-4 will also carry the Packed Bed Reactor Experiment (PBRE), an investigation studying the behavior of gases and liquids when they flow simultaneously through a column filled with fixed porous media. Another investigation launching aboard CRS-4 is the Burning and Suppression of Solids – Milliken (BASS-M) investigation, which examines the extinction characteristics of a variety of flame retardant textiles in microgravity when exposed to a controlled flame.


Image: United Launch Alliance
Video: NASA

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