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Let it Snow!

12 Nov 2017, 4:36 pm

Winter makes its way into the state of Alaska! Although a good portion of the Pacific Northwest has already seen a good amount of snow, Alaska is getting both the snow and the brutally cold temperatures. Heavy snow is expected for places such as Nome, Barrow, and as far south as Fairbanks. The National Weather Service out of Fairbanks expects snow accumulations of an additional two to six inches through Monday evening.

Not only will Alaskans have to fight off the snow, but temperatures are expected to dip below the zero degree mark for overnight lows for the start of the workweek. This isn’t anything new for the residents of Alaska, but it does serve as a good reminder to bundle up in these cold temperatures.

Although it will be a soggy start to your work week in the interior regions of the state, the winter chill will stick around for the rest of the week.

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