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Light at the End of the Tunnel: Warmer Days Ahead


It might not feel like spring right now for much of America, but a major shift in the weather pattern should soon bring warmer weather to a thermometer near you.

As of late Tuesday night, 35 of the 50 states were under a snow- or cold-related advisory, watch or warning, and another push of bitterly cold, Arctic air is expected to accompany a potentially major snow and ice storm moving into the South and East Coast for Wednesday and Thursday, giving much of America more of an early January feel despite the calendar reading March 3rd.

But relief is on the way, although you’ll have to be a bit patient in a few locations.

The same cold front and area of low pressure marching across much of the country has an unusually cold area of high pressure behind it, meaning temperatures from Dallas to Minneapolis to New York will remain far below average for Wednesday in the upper Midwest and through the end of the week in the South and along the East Coast. But a fairly quick recovery will start in the upper Midwest, slowly inching its way eastward and further south by the start of the weekend.

By early next week, much of the country should be enjoying reasonably pleasant temperatures for this time of year, and places such as Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California could be basking in temperatures well above average for early March.

The reason for the abrupt change is the shifting of the jet stream further north, hovering along the U.S.-Canadian border over the next few days. It’s all a part of the typical variability of early March, when the battle of airmasses begins as higher sun angles in the Northern Hemisphere means that cold air retreats towards the North Pole, and warm air surging from the south begins to move into the lower 48.

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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