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What It’s Like Being a Storm Chasers? WeatherNation Affiliate 9News Explains

13256038_10204599571947623_452645508714943721_nKUSA – All he needs is a full tank of gas, a smart phone and a passion for crummy weather, and Chris Bianchi is ready for a day chasing severe weather in Colorado.

The meteorologist for WeatherNation left Centennial Thursday afternoon with technical director Taylor Utt and headed east where severe storms were brewing.

“We don’t get into weather to talk about 70 degrees and sunshine,” Bianchi said, stopped at a gas station in Limon. “We kind of want to see that more active side of the weather.”

Northeastern Colorado has seen the active side of weather lately, and so has Chris Bianchi.

“We had the Wray, Colorado tornado a couple weeks ago,” he said. “We had the one out in Washington County back on Tuesday.”

As Bianchi showed off the laptop and cell phone he uses to track storms, he spotted something on the radar that caught his eye.

“We have a tornado warning not far from us,” he said, looking down at his phone. “We have two of them!”

The WeatherNation storm chasers left the gas station in their white pickup truck and drove east on I-70 toward Kit Carson County. Along the way, heavy rain pelted the truck and lightning streaked across the sky including one horizontal bolt that lingered for several seconds.

“I mean these are nasty storms,” Bianchi said. “These are nothing to be messing around with at all right now.”

By the time Bianchi and Utt reached the small town of Vona, the tornado warning for Kit Carson County had expired.

“[We] followed these storms, they went along, showed some promise, but ultimately it kind of wasn’t meant to be to see a tornado,” Bianchi said.

An experienced chaser, Bianchi knew it was time to call it quits. The chase would have to wait for another day.

“It’s the name of the game, you know,” Bianchi said with a smile.

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