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Liquid Gold! Much Needed Rainfall and the Tornado Drought of 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thanks to record rains in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, there are still plenty of puddles to go around. Here’s one, thanks to the National Weather Service for the picture below.

Record Philly Rain

Sunday was crazy! 8.02″ of rain fell on the 28th, making it the wettest day EVER in recorded history. Below is a look at the All-time record and the top 10 wettest days in recorded history for Philadelphia, PA.

Northeast Anomaly

The year to date precipitation departure from normal map below shows the 8″ anomaly in Philadelphia, but prior to that, they were still near 4″ above normal precipitation for the year! Take a look at all the other surplus values; note that New York is nearly 1.5″ below normal precipitation for the year.


National Precipitation Departure

2013 has been in interesting year in a sense that along and east of the Mississippi Valley have been inundated with bouts of heavy rain, while the West (other than the recent monsoonal moisture) has been dry! The map below really shows the division in the precipitation so far this year.


Central Plains Rain From Normal

Much needed rainfall was posted earlier this week across the Central Plains. A closer inspection still shows several locations with much below average precipitation for the year.


Kansas’ Liquid Gold

Look at this shot from Emporia, KS; note the slow and soggy conditions.


Tornado Drought of 2013

Not only are we dealing with a rainfall deficit, but we’re dealing a tornado deficit this year too! Monday boasted a few tornado reports across the middle part of the country from Wyoming to Kansas. The picture below is from the National Weather Service out of Cheyenne, WY in the Horse Creek, WY area.


Monday Storm Reports

Monday wasn’t a huge severe weather producing day across the nation, but there were a few tornado reports in the central part of the country. Those few tornado reports added to the meek July tornado count this year.


July Tornado Reports

According to the Storm Prediction Center, thru July 28th there have been 53 PRELIMINARY tornado reports, which is well below the total July average. No surprise that we continue with this below average severe weather/tornado year.


2013 Tornadoes

Compared to the past couple of years, 2013 has been VERY quiet. Note the extreme PRELIMINARY tornado count in 2011!


2013 Tornadoes Below Average

I though this was an interesting graphic. Not only are we well below the short-term average (2005-2012) of 1,176 thru July 29th, but the 2013 PRELIMINARY tornado count is the lowest number of tornadoes we seen since 2005!


Average U.S. Tornadoes By Month

According to the Storm Prediction Center, we are past the ‘typical’ tornado peak, which occurs in May. As we look ahead, August averages less than 100 tornadoes per year. The end of the year typically doesn’t favor any significant tornado outbreaks as the average U.S. tornadoes by month continues to fall through the end of the year.


Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week!

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