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Little Improvement for Wildfire Conditions in California

14 Dec 2017, 8:34 am

The forecast is not looking good to lower the risk of wildfires in Southern California.  Warm temperatures, low humidity and strong winds will all be possible over the next few days.

The Strong Winds Continue

Strong winds are in the forecast for Southern California on Thursday and on Friday.  These winds will help to provide oxygen to these fires and that could lead to strengthening and spreading.


Staying Very Dry

The lack of rain will continue to persist across Southern California and the lack of moisture will lead to favorable conditions for growing wildfires.  It doesn’t look like there will be any rain chances in the forecast over the next several days.

Extended Forecast

The extended forecast is looking warm and dry…the one beneficial part of the forecast will be slower winds through the weekend and into early next.  The lack of rain will be concerning though…definitely need some rainfall to help out with these elevated fire conditions.

CAL FIRE reported Thursday afternoon that one of their engineers from the San Diego Unit died.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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