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As Locals Prepare for Snow, Baltimore’s Totals Cost of January Blizzard at $9.4M

9 Feb 2016, 10:58 am

TOWSON, Md. (WeatherNation Affiliate WBFF) – It cost about $54,000 per hour to plow snow from each of the 8,742 roads maintained by Baltimore County and $109,000 per hour to spread salt on these roads. That’s according to a report released by Executive Kevin Kamenetz on Monday totaling costs accrued by the county due to January’s historic storm as the Baltimore area preps for another anticipated storm this week.

The record-breaking January Blizzard was the heaviest and most costly single snowstorm in Baltimore County’s history, and Kamenetz says officials are using lessons learned to ready for a forecasted Monday night snowfall.

Salt supplies have already been replenished – salt storage capacity was increased by 20,000 tons this year, allowing 80,000 tons of salt to be stored in 15 salt barns around Baltimore County. The January Blizzard cost the county $9.4 million, surpassing two 2010 snow storms that cost $4 million and $7 million respectively. The storm exceeded a $6 million “placeholder” figure included in the year’s operating budget for storm operations.

“It is important to keep in mind that this $6 million figure is simply a starting point,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “We will allocate whatever is needed to ensure public safety for the remainder of the winter. Whatever Mother Nature throws at us, we will handle.”

The County also says it will try to “increase capacity for customer service calls during storm emergencies” with recommendations expected to be implemented within the month.

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