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Long Lasting Nadine, Jelawat Impacts Japan, Southeast Storms

30 Sep 2012, 11:40 am

Day 20 of Nadine

Nadine just won’t go away.  She is on track to hit the record books as one of the longest lasting storms.  If she survives until Friday, then she could even be in the top 5. The Azores could once again be affected by her obscure path.

Current list of the Longest Lasting Hurricanes (via Wikipedia)

Name Date
28 Hurricane San Ciriaco August 1899
27.25 Hurricane Ginger September 1971
24.75 Hurricane Inga September 1969
23 Hurricane Joan-Miriam October 1988
22 Hurricane Kyle September 2002
21 Storm 4 September 1926
20.75 Hurricane Carrie September 1957
Hurricane Inez September 1966
19.75 Hurricane Alberto August 2000
19.25 Storm 9 September 1893
19 Hurricane Irene-Olivia September 1971

Typhoon Jalewat

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From CNN: “At least 50 people were injured and 271,400 households rendered without power after Typhoon Jelawat struck Okinawa island of Japan, disaster officials there said Saturday. As the storm roared toward other Japanese islands, three people were injured in the southernmost part of Kyushu, the Disaster Management Office of the Kagoshima prefectural government said.”

From Fox News:  Dozens of trains were halted in coastal areas around Tokyo and many stores inside the capital closed early Sunday as the storm approached. It was expected to hit northern Japan and move off into the Pacific Ocean early Monday.

Now Jelawat is impacting Mainland Japan, very near Tokyo, but it has significantly decreased in strength with winds in the 40 mph range.

Rain Moves into the Southeast

After torrential downpours impact Texas yesterday, skies are finally clearing out but this storm isn’t over yet.

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It is now moving into Louisiana and Mississippi.  Persistent areas of very heavy rain could lead to more Flash Flooding.  Radar showing wide spread areas of heavy rain.

Main concerns: Flash flooding and severe weather threat that includes tornadoes and high wind gusts. 

Other scattered thunderstorms, which are not quite as likely to be severe, could extend north from Texas all the way into Northern Minnesota.

From Summer to Winter…. in one week!

Look for huge temperatures in several cities across the central US for the week ahead.  Here are a few:

Sheridan, WY

Omaha, NE

International Falls, MN

Have a great week!

Gretchen Mishek

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