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Looks A Little Snarly

11 Mar 2013, 5:34 am

Looks A Little Snarly

Here was the webcam from earlier Sunday in Lincoln, Nebraska at 27th and Superior. It appears that the weekend snow storm caused a few traffic problems around town.
Classic Spring Storm
Here was a look at the storm on Sunday afternoon as it was winding up over the central part of the country. Note the ‘comma’ shape to the storm, denoting a mature state. Pretty classic in spring of fall to see heavy snow on the northwest flank and strong to severe storms on it’s southern flank.
Baseball Size Hail in Texas
Thanks to @TXStormChasers for this picture north of Decatur, TX. Could you imagine a near baseball size hailstone flying at you? YIKES!
Saturday Storm Reports
Tulips Popping In Superior, Wisconsin?
Thanks to my good friend, Jon Ellis, from Superior, Wisconsin for the picture below. Even with a decent amount of snow of the ground, the intensity of the sun is helping to awake any ready tulip bulbs that don’t have snow cover over them. It’s another testament to how strong the sun is getting at this time of the year!
More Snow on the Way
The National Weather Service has issued winter weather headlines for locations into the Great Lakes region through Monday. Heavy, wet, shovelable snow is expected across the region.
Snowfall Expected
The high resolution, RPM model suggests 6″+ in a fairly large swath from Iowa to the U.P. of Michigan through Monday.
National Snowfall
The 3 day national snowfall forecast suggests that the heaviest band will occur across the Great Lakes region through Monday. Other than some high elevation snow out west, light snow potential will be possible across the Plains through midday Wednesday.
National Precipitation Forecast
NOAA’s HPC 3 day precipitation forecast suggests that the same storm responsible for heavier snow across the Great Lakes Region through Monday will also be responsible for heavier rain across the Southeast through Tuesday before sweeping east into the Atlantic Ocean.
Cool in the Northeast…
As the storm moves east, it will draw down cooler Canadian air and keep most of the Northeast cool through the end of the week. Note also how the Southwest looks to be quite a bit warmer by the end of the week!
Thanks for checking in, have a great week ahead!
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