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Los Angeles off to Driest Start to Wet Season in Over 50 Years

27 Dec 2017, 3:27 pm

It’s been a long time since Los Angeles, California received so little rain this far into its typical wet season.

Through Tuesday, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had seen only 0.11″ of rainfall since October 1st, and downtown Los Angeles had only seen a tiny bit more at 0.12″. For LAX, that’s the second-driest start to the rainy season since records began in 1944, and the driest since 1962, when only 0.10″ fell between October 1st and the end of December.

At the downtown Los Angeles station, where records go all the way back to 1877, this is the fifth-driest start to west season, and the driest since 1962. Rainy season in Los Angeles starts on October 1st and runs through late April and, sometimes, into early May.

Normally by this point of the rainy season (again, this is from October 1st through now), Los Angeles has seen about 3.52″ of rain.

For southern California’s sharply distinct wet season, that’s particularly troubling. Los Angeles sees about 14-to-15 inches of rain a year, but it almost entirely comes between October and April. Summers are extremely dry, with even a drop of rain a rarity from May through September. So if Los Angeles doesn’t get its rain now, the opportunities for the city to ‘make up’ for it are limited at best. Coming off a terrible fire season in central and southern California the last few months, a drought is certainly not good news for the region.

The near-term forecast keeps things dry in L.A., at least into next week.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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