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Major Changes for the West

17 Dec 2017, 10:49 am

For majority of the month, a ridge of high pressure has been in control of the weather across the west. This translates as dry, calm weather. But things are finally changing. The ridge is slowly breaking down and that means rain and snow will return.

Now this weekend we has a small dip in the jet stream. That led to rain and snow chances across the north like Washington and into Western Montana.

The higher elevations of the Northern Cascades and the Bitterroots of Montana have winter weather alerts in place for today into Monday as that low will bring the chance for a few inches of snow.

The next system that arrives mid-week will really shake things up. This will be the game changing system we have been waiting for. In the upper levels of the atmosphere this will be the jet stream digging south allowing a blast of arctic air and also widespread rain and snow chances.

So for today into Monday morning, the first low pressure system swings through a cold front that will mainly keep rain and snow chances further north.

However, by mid-week, the strong system works in and digs south, spreading rain and snow even towards northern California and the northern Rockies of Colorado.

You can expect the most snowfall across the Cascades and into the chimney of Idaho and western Montana. Cue ski resorts across the west rejoicing with excitement.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Kate Mantych

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