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Major Cold Blast to End the Week

24 Oct 2017, 8:24 am

The October heat is finally getting pushed out as two blasts of cold air move in this week and this weekend. The first blast already cooling things off across the east for mid-week. The second rush of cold air however, will be the more drastic and powerfully of the two.

This is all thanks to the jet stream. As the jet starts to dig to the south across the High Plains, cold air starts to funnel southward.

The temperature change from Wednesday to Thursday across the High Plains and Four Corners will be a dramatic 30 to 40 degree difference.

As we kick off the weekend, we kick the pattern change into overdrive. The jet stream digs further to the south and east giving the chance for the changing temperatures even down into the south.

By mid-weekend, the Ohio River Valley starts to get another blast of the cold as the jet shifts off to the east.

All of this cold air with some added moisture even allows the Upper Midwest to get their first chance at accumulating snowfall Thursday into Friday.

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