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Major Cold & Snow Arrives: How much snow? How cold?

2 Dec 2013, 11:03 am
Snow in North Dakota - Thanks to @Nomrcynd via Instagram
Snow in North Dakota - Thanks to @Nomrcynd via Instagram


This is how the week is kicking off: Snow in quite a few locations… from Maine to Minnesota & North Dakota, down all the way to the southern Rockies.

We’ll keep this blog relatively to the point, as we have SIGNIFICANT snow and cold on the way.

Let’s take a look at the RPM computer model’s forecasted 3-day snow from this morning’s run:


3-Day Snow
3-Day Snow


We’ve been watching the models come in for more insight on snow potential, and the thing to keep in mind is that basically every model is showing significant snow over northern Minnesota and North Dakota.  The question is really how far south the snow will sneak.  You can see the latest RPM model run shows 4-6″ of 3-day snowfall tallies over Minneapolis, but that has slid north/south over the day so far.

How about the cold?

After covering much of the nation’s weather today already on WeatherNation, the most striking temperature swings came from two places.  Denver, CO, and Amarillo, TX.

Look at this meteogram (future temperatures) for Denver , CO:


Denver, CO Temperature Plunge
Denver, CO Temperature Plunge


There is a possibility that some spots in the Denver area will reach up near 70s today, and then plunge to single digits by Thursday.  That is about a 60 degree swing!

We’ll be watching that pretty closely here at WeatherNation – with a chance for secondary snow developing along the cold front over the Ohio/Tennessee River Valleys by the end of the week as well.  Stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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