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Major West Coast Storm

14 Oct 2009, 12:46 pm

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week so far. The big story, of course, is the major West Coast storm that has been wreaking havoc on folks in California. There were reports of 10″ to near 20″ of rain near San Francisco, CA and near 90mph wind gusts! The good news is that the amount of damage sustained could have been much worse.

Take a look at the animating water vapor image:


Did you notice the large counter-clockwise spin over the northwest? That spin is the main low (remnant low from typhoon Melor) which is sending weaker impulses eastward into the Lower 48. The infrared satellite image below shows the next impulse moving through the Upper Midwest.  Watch the animation here:IR

Underneath those clouds, we’ve got moisture. The image below shows the extent and type of moisture we’re dealing with today: Watching the current radar animate here:


Heavy rain is still expected in the West, but we’ll also see a substantial amount through the Carolinas and northern Florida. The image below shows the 24 hour accumulated precipitation potential for Wednesday.


After that storm passes, the southwest will begin to heat up (perhaps) one last time this fall with temperatures warming into the triple digits for some. Here’s the high temperature map for Saturday:tempsOk, that’s it for now… Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and the rest of your week. I’ll catch you again next week, but don’t forget to check back each and everyday for the latest and greatest weather facts and scientific tidbits.

Todd Nelson

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