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Major Winter Storm Continues…

9 Dec 2009, 2:19 pm

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week so far. Take a look at the image below, 45 states out of the lower 48 states are under some type of watch or warning and mostly because of the major winter storm that is rapidly intensifying and racing towards the Great Lakes. The most significant and dangerous warnings include those through Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan… Blizzard Warnings continue to day and tomorrow for the counties shaded in red.


Also, note the red ‘dots’ near the Florida Panhandle and in northwestern Pennsylvania, these are Tornado Warnings. At the time this screen grab was captured, there was enough instability/rotation to potentially spin up rare, Meteorological Winter tornadoes. Strange – huh?

Unusually Strong Storm Wraps up over the Great Lakes

The central pressure of the storm by 5pm Wednesday will rival that of the storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in November of 1975:


The lower the central pressure is on a storm the faster the winds rush into the center of the storm. In our case, winds will be sustained at 35mph with gusts of 40mph to 50mph across most of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region causing considerable blowing and drifting of snow piled up to over a foot in many locations across IA, WI  and southeast MN. Here’s a picture from my cousin, who lives in Portage, WI – which is north 0f Madison. She said they ended up with about 13″ of snow with an additional 2″ to 4″ expected through early Wednesday.

Snow in Portage

13 inches

Could you image all this snow being whipped around by 40 to 50 mph wind gusts today? It could be a nightmare if you are traveling. In fact, the MN Department of Transportation, IA DOT and the WI DOT are advising no travel. Best advice, if you don’t have to go out today, DON’T – stay home and wait it out. Phase # 2 of this system will feature dangerous wind chills of the teens and twenties below zero tonight and Thursday.

Welp, that’s it for now. Stay safe out there and stay warm. If you have snow pictures that you’d like to share, send them to me:

Have a good rest of your Wednesday,

Meterologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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  1. 33 inches of snow is a lot. Is that from drifting or is that the actual amount of snow that fell? What location was this. I live in Shakopee, MN in the South Metro of the Twin Cities. We got about 4 inches here, but had drifts up to 18 inches. I see that the further South and East you go from here, the larger the snow amounts from the snow maps. We we just on the very Northern edge of the Blizzard Band here. Not a lot of snow but lots of wind to move it around and very icy roads. I’ve heard anywhere from 700 to 900 accidents reported in the Twin Cities area on Wed. evening Dec. 9, 2009.

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