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WATCH: Making a Weather Forecast with GOES-R

27 Oct 2016, 1:43 pm

GOES-R will keep a close eye on Earth’s weather, but it is over 22,000 miles away in space! Have you ever wondered how your local weather forecaster knows what GOES-R is seeing? Learn how this state-of-the-art satellite’s data will be used to create weather forecasts across the country from our number 1 expert– GOES-R!

The GOES-R series, NOAA’s next-generation geostationary weather satellites, is a game changer. These satellites, beginning with the launch of GOES-R on November 4, 2016, will provide continuous imagery and atmospheric measurements of Earth’s Western Hemisphere, total lightning data, and space weather.

What happens once the GOES-R satellite is launched? This video from Lockheed Martin explains the process, from launch vehicle separation to solar array and antenna deployment to orbit raising maneuvers, transition to storage orbit and finally GOES-R normal operations.

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